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Experience the world through our lens

Bringing your Story to Life

Down Dog Media delivers creative strategies for all your visual and motion pixel needs through the use of design and digital media. Our clients range from corporate, nonprofit, education, and the entertainment field.  

For all your creative needs!

Visual Storytellers

At Down Dog Media, we build stories for your marketing and advertising goals. Guided by your vision (and your budget!), we create dynamic promo videos that complement your clients’ brand and from a just a 30 second spot to a 30-minute human interest piece. We’re proud of who we work for and the product we deliver!

What we offer

Creating a Positive Experience


Photography is the most powerful visual.  Let us bring your company's vision to fruition.


Adding video content to your marketing can have a significant business impact.

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Design is one of the most important factor when building a brand.

Your journey starts here

The Heart of a Perfect Picture

What is your story?

Everyone has a story to tell

Motion Graphics

We are motion designers that will create artwork for the web, television or film.


Our style offers an eye-catching look to any still that will stand out above the rest.

Motion Photography

Our documentary style for video helps to capture life as it happens.